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The Game of Thrones Finale Is Filled with Plot Holes and Twitter Is Calling Them All Out

Game of Thrones just aired its conclusive episode, and, to put it nicely, it was terrible. A quick recap: Daenerys took her turn to tyranny to its natural conclusion, announcing a world-wide campaign against, well, tyranny. Tyrion mourned his dead siblings, then Daenerys imprisoned him for his role in their futile escape. Tyrion convinced Jon… Read More »

Juicing recipes that will help you fight the bulge this summer – and the best juicers you need to make them

Summer is upon us and if you’ve been over doing it on the booze and unhealthy foods, why not give juicing a go? There have been a number of celebrities, trainers and fitness experts evangelising the benefits of juicing , claiming it is good for everything from weight loss to improving digestion and boosting energy.… Read More »

An Israeli Company Claims That They Will Have A Cure For Cancer In A Year. Don't Believe Them.

An Israeli company has claimed that they will have a universal cure for cancer within a year. This seems highly unlikely. Photo Credit: Getty Royalty Free.Getty An Israeli biotech company has claimed that it will have the cure for cancer within a year, bringing with it a flurry of viral news articles that seem to… Read More »