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Best supplements for anxiety: Take this B vitamin to help protect against emotional stress

Anxiety is a term used to describe a feeling of unease, often triggered by worry or fear. It’s often experienced at the same time as stress, or be accompanied by panic, fear, poor concentration and loss of appetite. Ultimately, anxiety and stress can have a big negative impact on overall health, often contributing to heart… Read More »

Best supplements for skin: This live bacteria supplement could help clear your acne – Express

Acne is estimated to affect 89.4 per cent of the global population, making it the eighth most prevalent disorder worldwide. In this condition, sebum is blocked by excess skin cells lining the inside of the hair follicle, which then allows bacteria to grow. Although there is no known cause for acne, it is likely the… Read More »

Why Regulation Alone May Not Solve For Unsafe Supplements In The Supply Chain

Nutritional supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA in the same way pharmaceuticals or food are, which can lead to problems with the validity of ingredients.Getty Millions of people around the world take supplements every day in an attempt to be healthier or get nutrients missing from their diets. In fact, the supplement industry is thriving—it’s… Read More »