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Hearing loss and rare diseases: What’s the connection?

Edith Veitch, now 17, was 10 when an audiologist diagnosed her hearing loss and fitted her with aids. Edith and her mother, Margo. Edith has arare disease that causes hearing loss. Her mother, Margo, a community college instructor in Illinois, is unsure when the hearing loss set in. “We don’t have [hearing loss] in the… Read More »

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Risk factors for hearing loss that may surprise you

Risk factors for hearing loss extend beyondexposure to loud noises or getting older.Many medical conditions and lifestylechoices impact hearing health. Some risk factors for hearing loss are understandable—think old age, excessive noise exposure, or traumatic brain injury—but other risks aren’t always so obvious. Here are seven unexpected risk factors for hearing loss that may surprise you: … Read More »

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Obesity and hearing loss: What’s the connection?

Any disorder that affects circulation can potentially affect your hearing—including health conditions associated with obesity.  People with obesity are more likely to have health conditions that can damagehearing.  Many Americans carry extra weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2015-2016, more than one-third of all adults in the US had obesity. Adults with… Read More »

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