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How your body processes food is only partially down to your genes

Even identical twins react differently to the same foodGetty By Linda Geddes As children, Helen Sparre and Sarah Guy appeared identical in both face and figure; a pattern which continued into their twenties – when both twins were underweight – and into their thirties and early forties, when they began to gain some additional pounds.… Read More »

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What Food and Nutrition Will Look Like in 50 Years – Outside

Welcome to dinnertime in the year 2070. Your food—perfectly tailored to your genome—is prepared by a robot chef. Your kitchen is full of healthy fats and regionally sourced food, and you haven’t counted calories in decades. You can credit your longer life span to the doctor-prescribed medication in your cabinet: produce. And the majority of… Read More »

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Eight food businesses were issued with enforcement orders by the FSAI last month

Eight food businesses were issued with enforcement orders by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland last month. The monthly review was released by the FSAI on Friday evening. The eight businesses are dotted around the country. They are: Red Chilli (Take Away), Main Street, Maynooth, Kildare Apache Pizza & Curry House, Unit 2 Johnstown Road, Enfield,… Read More »

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