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These 3D-printed Casts From Latvia Could Be The Future Of Healthcare

CastPrint 3D Hand Cast CastPrint For many, healing fractures has meant submitting to a heavy and uncomfortable plaster cast designed to protect and hold broken bones tight. However, two Latvian entrepreneurs, Sigvards Krongorns and Janis Olins are on a mission to change that. Their startup, CastPrint, uses 3D printing to create personalised, lightweight casts, with… Read More »

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Harvard doc says neonatal DNA tests could save young lives

A few months ago, Lisa Diller saw a family for a consultation in her cancer clinic. Their story is one of tragedy, and of hope. The mother had an eye removed out of medical necessity at the age of 2, but knew little about the details of her condition. Years later, her 2-year-old son developed… Read More »

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