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Well: War Wounds That Time Alone Can’t Heal

Video “Almost Sunrise” In a clip from “Almost Sunrise,” Katinka Hooyer, a medical anthropologist and postdoctoral research fellow in Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, talks about the meaning of love and feeling moral pain. By THOUGHTFUL ROBOT PRODUCTIONS on Publish Date June 5, 2016. embed No doubt in the course… Read More »

Why Regulation Alone May Not Solve For Unsafe Supplements In The Supply Chain

Nutritional supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA in the same way pharmaceuticals or food are, which can lead to problems with the validity of ingredients.Getty Millions of people around the world take supplements every day in an attempt to be healthier or get nutrients missing from their diets. In fact, the supplement industry is thriving—it’s… Read More »

Can you really live on meat alone? Everything you need to know about the carnivore diet

Mikhaila Peterson eats just under one kilogram of beef per day, mostly chuck roasts fried in beef tallow. The daughter of celebrity academic Jordan Peterson doesn’t use salt much anymore, she recently told Geoffrey Woo, CEO and co-founder of HVMN (pronounced “human”), a Silicon Valley company that sells supplements. The pink Himalayan rock salt made… Read More »