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Gina McCarthy reflects on progress 50 years after Cuyahoga River fire

Fifty years ago, Ohio’s Cuyahoga River was so polluted that it caught fire, becoming a powerful symbol for a U.S. public increasingly concerned about the environmental damage around them. This year, the state of Ohio deemed the river clean enough that its fish are safe to eat. That remarkable turnaround is part of a broader… Read More »

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Woman gives herself food poisoning after making common slow cooker mistake

Even if you’re a vegan, an absence of meat and dairy doesn’t mean food poisoning stops being a risk. One woman recently found herself very ill after making a vegan stew with her slow cooker, having made one common mistake. Anne Sullivan found a white bean stew recipe and diligently followed all the instructions –… Read More »

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MPs act after heart attacks hit close to home

The impact of heart disease is up close and personal for key politicians today throwing their support behind a national screening program. Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s father suffered a fatal heart attack; the brother of his health spokeswoman Catherine King is currently recovering from a heart attack; and Health Minister Greg Hunt’s uncle was also… Read More »

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